Greyson Chance Fact and GreyPict

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This time for Greyson Chance................
Oh My Good, His smile is cool. He have same age like me B-)

  1.  greyson very love Adelle's song "Rolling in the deep", every his show on world tour, he always sing that song
  2.  Greyson's height is 171 cms or 5'7 feet
  3.  Sometimes when greyson bored, he read his mention or email.
  4.  he thinks it's so sweet when he saw his fans waiting for him in the rain. He feel blessed to have fans like enchancers. ♡
  5.  Greyson owns a navy blue underwear. I have proof but it's in my iPad.

Enchancers, Please say hello to my BoyFriend :)

  1. Justin Bieber is My Husband
  2. Greyson Chance, Austin Mahone, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles are my Boyfriend
*don't Tell JB about my relationship with them* :P

Hehehehehehehehehehee *evil laugh*



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